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Osaka boy 1 year ago
Chinese women don't usually fuck Indian guys not even for money they feel a bit low if they are fucked by Indian Pakistani or bangoli , the are not racist but its their culture.
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Every country has bitches, I'm popular in India, I'm Chinese, my East Asian looks are the most popular, but I don't like ugly Indian bitches, you should thank me not to rob your garbage womanlmao
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Both are Chinese
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many chinese girl like to taste pani puri curry jizz
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He increase Chinese population
Osaka meets us 1 year ago
80% of Chindians in Singapore and Malaysia are Tamil men and Chinese women

Grow a pair downstairs, they say Chinese men are shrimp whistles
India fuck chinese girl 2 years ago
Fuck Chinese girls like this
Osaka boy 1 year ago
Chinese girls love Indian guys
Just come to Singapore
80% of Chindians.